How We Work

From the moment you call our office, we begin considering you and your loved one’s specific needs. On the initial call, we ask questions to form a basic needs assessment. During your initial phone call, we will give you an indication of the cost of our services.

After the call, we set up an in-home visit with you and the rest of your family – including the family member who may ultimately benefit from our care. This visit allows us to gather even more information, answer questions and let you understand how Carers 4 U  can help. A more detailed quote for our services would be provided at the end of the client assessment performed by our Care Manager.

The care we provide at Carers 4 U is driven in all respects by the Custom Care Plan. The Custom Care Plan has goals and outcomes that are measurable. The Custom Care Plan is designed to evolve as the client’s needs change over time. 

Our experienced Registered Nurses and Care Managers will make recommendations and provide guidance to the family on ways in which the client’s lifestyle can be made more comfortable.  Our Care Managers make follow-up visits with the client and the designated carers to ensure that the Custom Care Plan is correctly implemented.  The details of the Custom Care Plan and the care notes are kept in a folder in the client’s home so that family members can check on progress at any time.

The Custom Care Plan is reviewed by the Care Manager every six months in consultation with the client and the client’s family. We always have a member of staff on a 24/hr telephone alert so that our Carers, service users or their families can reach us for any assistance /advise.

Once you approve the Custom Care Plan, we begin our search for the most appropriate person to deliver our service. Our system of matching carers to clients takes numerous factors into consideration: services needed, your loved one’s interests and the personalities of both your loved one and the carer.

By looking at the whole situation, we’re better able to provide your loved one with the best carers possible. Of course, if there are ever any concerns about a specific carer, we can search for and provide a replacement in very little time.

Our carers are carefully screened with detailed background checks during the recruitment process. They are all suitably qualified and experience people of the highest quality. We provide our people with insurance cover and ongoing professional development and training to ensure that we provide the best possible care.

Each client’s Custom Care Plan and supporting documentation is kept in a Client Folder that is kept in the client’s home. This folder is updated with changes in the Custom Care Plan as well as progress notes completed after each visit.

Our carers keep extensive notes about the care they provide. Our Care Managers monitor the performance of our carers and the progress of our Clients’. Our Care Managers make regular unannounced visits to the homes to ensure carers are following the specifics of the Custom Care Plan. 

Our Registered Nurse Supervisors and Care Managers make frequent visits to the home to meet with the client and the carer to discuss the Custom Care Plan and to ensure that the client is happy with the services we are providing. Our Care Managers will also liaise with designated family members to provide feedback on the Custom Care Plan and the progress we are making.